You may be requested to notarise a statement saying that your different names on your India Passport and India Driving Licence relate to you. The notary can prepare this statement and then notarise it. The notary will charge you for the preparation and then also the witnessing (notarisation) fee. It will be cheaper if you prepare the statement yourself, so that you only need to see the notary for the witnessing. We recommend using the Statutory Declaration form. In Australia we only use Affidavits where there are court proceedings. India is familiar with the use of the title Affidavit. We have successfully used Statutory Declaration form for Indian clients. (Do a google search for statutory declaration NSW Oaths Act – you should get a format) Here is one link with the format (don’t worry about the reference to JP its just for the format):

Here is an idea for wording for the body of the statement (you can be more specific but here is a simple version):

  1. The name on my India Driving Licence is stated as [state]
  2. The name on my Passport is stated as [state]
  3. Both the names on my India Driving Licence and Passport relate to me as one and the same person.

If it is a Statutory Declaration you will have to complete the formalities. If you want to use Affidavit form (as an Indian Affidavit) then check the formalities for that document and present this to the notary who will witness it in that format. I have seen formats which have the heading “Affidavit” and “I xx [state full name on Passport] do solemnly and sincerely swear/affirm that: [See points 1-3 above]