Here is wording for an email when you need to verify for the Notary that the document is genuine. You should also cc me in the email at

Dear Office Staff,

My name is XX and I have been awarded the following qualification by your Institution: [state certificate name, eg Bachelor of Arts.]

Attached is a copy of the Degree/Certificate.

I am required to have this document first notarised and then legalised at the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT).

Please confirm by reply email that:

  1. you records show I have been awarded this qualification;
  2. the document attached is a true copy of the original issued; and
  3. the document attached is a genuine document.

You can simply reply with YES CONFIRMED.

Please also reply to ALL in the cc in this email as I have my notary included as she needs the response directly from you.

Thank you so much.