The Notary must confirm that the letter is genuine. The confirmation must come from the Employer direct to the notary. This can be done by email. To keep costs down and save time you can attach the letter and send an email to your Employer. Please include in the cc to the email so that the notary can see you have written the email and so the Employer can reply to the Notary easily. Here is a sample email for you to send to your Employer:

“Dear xx [insert person name],
Attached is a letter issued by the company confirming my employment. I am in the process of getting this notarised. The Notary has requested that you confirm that a) the letter is genuine; and b) it is a true copy of the original. Please also specify whether the letter was only issued electronically, ie as a PDF so that the Notary knows that the original is an electronic document.
To respond please reply to ALL in the cc with “CONFIRMED” and that the original document is or is not an electronic document. Your earliest attention is much appreciated. Thank you [xx insert your name]