If for any reason DFAT asks you to have your academic documents notarised the notary will need to verify that the document is genuine, eg Degree Certificate or Academic Qualification (in the case of results).

Sometimes the Notary can do this online after being provided with the Student Number, Name and Degree Award. Some Universities do not have this online verification system.

Check how your academic results or your degree can be verified:

See: http://smartraveller.gov.au/services/legalising-documents/pages/australia.aspx#what-is-a-notary-public

If no online verification system exists a Notary may still be able to verify by you using your personal log in details on the University website.

To increase the chances of the notary being able to verify here are some tips:

  • make sure you have the student name, number and log on details, ie passport (keep them confidential!) That way you can log in on the spot with the notary and access the information from the University site to confirm details.
  • Have a signed statement from the student authorising the Notary to receive information from the University (Universities have privacy policies restricting release) – in case the Notary needs to contact the University direct
  • Attach the document you want notarised to an email and ask the University to confirm it is valid by reply email. See sample suggestion wording for this email below. Have the email and reply from the University handy so it can be forwarded to the Notary if necessary.

If the student login details do not show the information then the Notary will need to write to follow the procedure for that University to obtain verification. This usually means completing a set form or writing to the University. This will take time!!

(NB the student will also need to give the Notary written authority for the University to release the information)

Here is a sample email [feel free to change as you need, its just a guide, and check that there is not a formal confirmation form for your particular University]:

Dear Sirs/Mesdames

I am a student/former student of your University. Attached are copies of documents issued by your University to me. I note you have certified they are originals/true copies. I intend to have these legalised at DFAT. Please reply to this email (by forward, ie including the attachments) so that if I need to, I can forward it to the Notary. Please confirm that the contents of these documents are genuine and issued by your University. I also authorise you release information to xx [name] Notary that contacts you by phone or email and relays to you the information contained in this Attachment.

Regards and thanks [Student]