Often forms are created overseas and need to be signed by the person the form is about and also by a notary. Before you see the notary you need to read the forms and see if they require the notary to say things about you. In almost all cases a notary will not be in a position to attest to facts which concern you. You need to check with the place to where the forms are going overseas whether it is ok for the notary to amend the form so he or she is comfortable to sign about the things he or she does know and cross out the other things.

If the form cant be amended you will need to bring evidence to prove to the notary the contents of the form. For example, if the form requires the notary to say you are a director of a company you need to bring a company search or document showing that you are appointed as a director. Otherwise the notary may have to turn you away, which is a waste of everyone’s time, and a notary may charge for the consultation.