A Notary must be able to identify you properly.

Please bring at least one government-issued ID which has on it your photograph, signature and date of birth.

In addition the documents should add up to “100 points”.

Points allocations differ from State to State in Australia. This post will apply to NSW. For other states google for a link.

The simplest option is to bring your current passport and drivers licence, if you have them.

Here are some examples of identity documents and their weighting (remember one needs a photo and signature):

Category 1 Documents (70 points)
Birth Certificate
Citizenship Certificate

Category 2 Documents (40 points for first one then 25 points):
Driver Licence (Australian issued)
(Uni card) – Current Tertiary Institution Photo ID

Category 3 Documents (25 points):
Medicare Card/Private Health Care Card
Credit/Debit Card – each one from a separate bank
Seniors Card
Foreign Driver Licence

For more detailed information see the following links as a guide:

If you have any problems with the ID check contact us directly to discuss how we can establish your identity.