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We do the following:

  • Notarise documents (see below)
  • Lodge documents on your behalf at Embassies and Consulates
  • Attend at your offices if you need us to do so.

Notarising documents – brief explanation

In simple form, most people require a notary to witness signatures or attest to true copies of original documents.

In some cases notaries are needed to assist with verifying other information.

Witnessing Signatures

Main cases:
1. Signing pre-prepared forms (for example, property documents, bank account forms)
2. Executing documents (for example, Power of Attorney, Affidavit)

We require identification to satisfy ourselves as to identity. Regulation is requiring more stringent identification procedures. A good standard to follow is the 100 Points Test (you can google this). You will need at least one piece of identification with a photo and signature.

A passport is preferred at your attendance, however a driver licence or overseas identity card can be used along with other supporting identification (such as a Medicare card, credit card).

If you have any questions about your identity documents please call us.

True Copies

This involves certification that the document is a true copy of
the original.  For multiple documents, a covering Notarial Certificate may be suitable
to “bundle” documents.

You will need to bring in the following
1. the original documents to be inspected; and
2. A copy of each original document (we can make copies but this may add to time and cost)

If you do not have the originals or they are only issued electronically then we have other procedures to verify them as originals – please call to discuss your options.

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For any matters not included above, feel free to call to discuss